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Safe Decorating Tips

With Christmas just around the corner it is time to put the Christmas tree up and start decorating. As we get into the Christmas spirit it is important that we don’t ignore how our body is feeling.

So I have put together some points to remember to try and reduce the chance of injuring yourself while getting ready this festive season.

Christmas decorating.jpg

Prevention! Listen to your body

It is always better to prevent injury than to have to fix and rehabilitate it. Listen to your body. If a certain movement such as bending and lifting causes some pain and discomfort…reconsider the action or movement.


Bend with your hips and knees

If you need to bend over to pick up some presents or decorations, make sure you bend with your hips and knees, not your back.


Keep your back straight

When lifting or carrying a heavy object such as a box of decorations, make sure you keep your back straight. Don’t lean forward, backward or to either side. This will place strain on your spine and can lead to injury.


Use a ladder

Instead of reaching to put decorations on the house or on top of your tree, use a step ladder or ladder. This will provide your body with more stability and will also prevent you from over-stretching your spine and muscles.


If however you do find yourself in pain this festive season, contact us at Body Care Health & Chiropractic and get on top of it so you can enjoy Christmas.