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Winters Warmers

When you are sick with the flu you are given the advice to “drink plenty of fluids.” And it’s true. In order to get your body feeling well, you need extra hydration.

But what should you put in your cup?

Some ingredients are great for easing symptoms & helping you get through the sickness. Below are a few options to help get you feeling better.

-          Decaffeinated tea: warm tea can help with congestion. Certain teas such as green tea have antioxidants to help fight your cold.

-          Water with lemon: hot or cold, it helps you hydrate & loosens up congestion. Lemon is also high in vitamin C which may help you get over the cold a bit quicker.

-          Soup: often when you are feeling unwell, you do not have as much of an appetite. Clear soups & broths will provide you with the calories you need. The warmth can also help break up mucus.

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