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People can either be born with scoliosis or it can develop over time. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that goes from side to side and is usually classed as a true scoliosis when the curve is over 20 degrees.

Sometimes scoliosis is identified when the person is young and other times it can go undetected until they are an adult. It is often once the curve exceeds 10 degrees there tends to be more clinical significance and can create pain and discomfort in the back and/or neck.

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Pain associated with scoliosis is typically related to tight muscles, irritated joints and ligaments as compensations are created for the change in biomechanics of the body. Some conditions it can cause are:

-          Back pain

-          Neck pain

-          Disc injury

-          Pinched nerves

-          Sciatica

-          Arthritis

-          Tight muscles



A Chiropractor can do mobilisations and adjustments to increase and maintain mobility in areas that are stuck in the spine. Stretching and strengthening exercises are used to help stabilise the spine. Degenerative changes can happen in the areas that become stuck, so it is therefore important to keep the joints moving.

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Felicity Ede