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The Importance Of A Good Pillow

An important factor for living a healthy life is getting an adequate amount of quality sleep. A key factor towards achieving this is having a good quality pillow. Pillows play an important role in your sleep and will have a considerable impact on your overall wellbeing.



There are two main reasons why we should use a pillow to rest our heads on when sleeping; 1) a pillow provides comfort and 2) provides support to the sleeper’s neck and upper back. When you are shopping for a pillow it is important that you consider both of these factors as it will affect the quality of your sleep.

Providing support for your neck and upper back is the most important role that the pillow needs to fill when you are sleeping. This support is needed due to the natural curves in the human spine. Having the correct support for your head and neck will help the alignment of these spinal areas. Sleeping without adequate support will not only negatively affect your sleep, but it can also lead to issues including joint and muscular stiffness.

At Body Care Health & Chiropractic we sell therapeutic pillows that are contoured, supportive and also adjustable, to suit different shapes and sizes and also different comfort levels. If you would like to make an enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us on 0409 712 075 or send through an email to

A good pillow will not only improve the overall quality of your sleep but it can also help you avoid neck and back problems.