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SIJ Dysfunction

Your Sacro-iliac Joints (SIJ) are an important link between your lower spine and pelvis. Sacro-iliac Joint Dysfunction is a condition experienced of the lower back. It is often mistaken for sciatica or a muscle strain and therefore is often not managed properly.

Your Sacro-iliac Joints (SIJ) are an important link between your lower spine and pelvis.


When your SI joints are not moving normally due to either stiffness or excessive movement it is referred to as Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.

Some facts about Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction

-          SIJ pain accounts for 30% of all radiating low back pain cases

-          8-16% of people with this joint dysfunction don’t experience symptoms

-          The age group most affected is 30-60 year olds

-          Females are more likely to develop this than males


What causes SIJ pain?

There are two main types of dysfunction that causes SIJ pain:

-          Instability/ Hypermobility

-          Stiffness/ Hypomobility


What are the symptoms of SIJ Dysfunction?

-          Lower back, hip, groin, buttock and sciatic pain

-          Typically worse with standing and walking, improved when lying down (but not always)

-          Pain when bending forward, walking up stairs, rising from a seated position

-          It can sometimes be painful to sit with your legs crossed and is normally painful to lie on your side for extended periods

-          Has been reported to sometimes increase during menstruation in women


Sacro-iliac Joint Dysfunction can vary with its presentation and it is therefore important to get an accurate diagnosis for it to be treated and managed properly.

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