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Tips To Prevent Lower Back Pain

1.       Check your posture even while you are sitting

While sitting at your desk at work it is important to remember your posture to reduce stress on your lower back. Purchase an ergonomic chair that supports the natural curvatures of your spine. Slightly elevate your feet with a foot stand to reduce spinal stress. Remember to stand, stretch or even go for a walk for a couple of minutes every 30 minutes to keep your body moving and reduce pressure on your spinal discs.


2.       Strengthen your core muscles

Your core muscles provide support for your lower back and it is therefore important to keep them strong to help prevent injuries.

A couple of examples of exercises to strengthen your core muscles are swimming and machines such as the Elliptical. Both of these options will help your strength and get increase your body’s blood flow.


3.       Watch your weight

Carrying extra weight places strain and stress on your spine and muscles. Consider what healthy changes could possibly be made to your diet. Focus on eating the right amount of healthy foods and exercise daily. Consult your Doctor for a comprehensive plan.


4.       Lift heavy objects correctly

If your job requires lifting heavy objects, make sure you are bending and lifting correctly. Regardless of your age or strength, you can easily injure your back. Here are several simple rules for lifting:

-          Bend with your hips and knees while keeping your back straight

-          Keep your chest forward

-          Keep your weight close to your body

-          Lead with your hips and not your shoulders


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