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Correct Sitting Posture

Many people today work in sedentary jobs that require sitting for most of the day. However, whether at a desk, in front of a television or even sitting at a sporting game, good sitting posture is imperative for ideal spinal health.

Right now I want you to think about how you are sitting while reading this or perhaps how you normally would be sitting at work. Please answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to these questions below;

-          Are your shoulders, back and buttocks up against the backrest of your chair?

-          Is the chair providing enough lumbar support? Does the backrest fit into the natural curve of your spine?

-          Are your shoulders relaxed and not hunched in a forward position?

-          Is your body weight equally distributed across both hips?

-          Are your knees level with or slightly higher than your hips?

-          Are your feet flat on the floor with your knees at a 90 degree angle?

If you answered ‘No’ to ANY of these questions you are probably placing unnecessary stress on your spine.


The chair you use should provide lumbar support by having a backrest that fits into the curve of your lower back. This helps avoid pressure on the spine and prevents your back muscles from becoming fatigued. If your chair does not provide this support you can simply use a rolled towel or purchase a lumbar support pillow to use on your chair.

Remember to take time to stand up and stretch your back and legs or even go for a short walk every 30 minutes. Sitting for long periods of time increases your chance of slouching which may lead to back issues including disc bulge or herniation.

At Body Care Health and Chiropractic we will discuss all factors of your lifestyle which may affect your posture. Using a special program we also take photos to show you which areas of your body need the most postural support.

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