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Benefits of Walking

With Spring now here it is the perfect time to get back on top of your fitness and come out of hibernation. Physical activities don’t have to be complicated or require hours of your time. A simple walking routine can help improve your health and it won’t cost you a cent!



Walking can be a healthy and enjoyable activity. Walking for 30 minutes a day will help:

-          Maintain a healthy weight

-          Improve cardiovascular endurance

-          Improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels

-          Reduce your risk of heart disease

-          Reduce the risk of osteoporosis and strengthen your bones

-          Improve balance and coordination

-          Reduce stress levels


Walking Routine

If you have not exercised in a while, start with just a 10-12 minute walk a day and gradually increase the duration. Set a goal to reach 30-60 minute walks, five days a week.

Make sure you start with a warm-up by stretching for 5-10 minutes (both before and after your walk) and walk slowly for 5 minutes and gradually increase the speed.


Tips for a Good Technique:

-          Good posture is important; back straight, your head should be up and your neck and shoulders back and relaxed

-          Look forward, not down at the ground

-          Swing your arms with your elbow slightly bent

-          Keep your stomach muscles tight

You may experience soreness in your legs at first, this is common. However if you continue to feel pain in your hips, knees or feet, speak to a Chiropractor as there may be a structural imbalance which your Chiropractor can help with.

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